How to solve Bluetooth issues in Mac OS X

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This is a tip born out of your own frustration. After buying a new keyboard for my Mac, I got into trouble with Bluetooth.

The connection went terrible, and I didn’t know what to do. After calling Apple support, I was offered the solution to reset the Bluetooth module.

Solving Bluetooth problems in Mac

I didn’t know that there are several options if there are problems with Bluetooth on a Mac. The troubleshooting menu is hidden under the following key combination.

SHIFT + OPTION + Click on the Bluetooth icon in the Mac menu bar.

fix bluetooth issue on mac os x

A Bluetooth troubleshooting menu now opens where you can reset the Bluetooth module and restore all connected devices paired and remove all devices.

Should you experience Bluetooth problems on your Mac, I recommend trying these options to see if this solves the Bluetooth issue on your Mac.

You can also see the Bluetooth version, the name of the device, and the Bluetooth address at a glance in the Bluetooth menu. Also, you can send files to Bluetooth devices (which support file reception) and browse files on a paired Bluetooth device.

I hope that I have made you a little wiser on your Mac. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment field at the bottom of this instruction.

Good luck!

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